If you go to a festival or exhibit that contains tea related items, let us know about it.  Send info and pictures that we can share.

Boxer, the gang's loggie, recently went to a movie and was surprised to find an art festival happening outside the theater.  He created a poem to remember the occasion: 

The Immortals movie I did go to see,
And a festival was waiting for me,
What to my wondering peepers should appear,
But a cache of tea steeper’s around me so near,

An amazing array,
Of tea pieces all on display,
Although it was not my intention,
Downtown Disney’s Festival of the Masters I must now mention,

Tea was represented in clay, glass, metal, paint, and wood,
Seen from wherever I stood,
No two were alike in color, shape, or size,
Booth after booth full of surprise,

I asked if I may,
On this chilly fall day,
Take pictures of these artists’ work,
Each with it’s own particular quirk,

To meet each artist was such a delight,
Walking for hours caused an appetite,
Of which I must now satisfy,
Adios, Au Revoir, Good-bye!

Life’s toiling, the water’s boiling, drink more tea!

*The artists’ whose work is in photographs: Brian Sykes, Doug Bringle, Glenn Woods & Keith Herbrand, John Kellum, Vadim Malkin, Kostas Ulevivius, Rick Alexander, Steve Cunningham & Miky Cunningham