To hit on all sixes, the gang needs their daily tea fix. Crushed is also a necessity, added to at least one cup a day, plus many other foods and beverages. Queen Song would like to share her original three recipes.


The Sweet tooth

¼t Crushed + 1t black tea + 1T honey + 8oz hot milk

The Calorie conscious

¼t Crushed + 1t black tea + 2t honey + 4oz hot milk + 4oz hot water

The Purist

¼t Crushed + 1t your favorite tea + 8oz hot water

Combine Crushed and desired tea in an infuser, steep to taste, add honey, stir, and enjoy.

*Sugar in the raw or granulated sugar can be substituted for honey.

Crushed is a combination of aromatic spices that are so good, we feel like we’re dealing in a racket. Get your peepers ready because each week we will be adding family pictures and recipes. We are into simple and easy, so everything we post will be just that. Our spice blend contains seven incredible ingredients, no tedious mixing and measuring required.

The pursuit for the perfect spice blend began with tea. Indian masala, a spices mixture used in beverages and/or food, claimed a place in our mob’s heart. Many combinations of spices passed our kissers before Crushed was created. Imbibing at least one spiced tea a day is ritual. For ages we would individually add each spice to each cup of tea. It was time consuming and a youngster suggested making up a larger quantity to keep for convenience sake.

The use of Crushed expanded when a hoodlum mixed it into their oatmeal for breakfast. Off to the races, the blend was added to other breakfast dishes such as French toast, pancakes, cereal and Belgium waffles. Continued success won over discriminating taste buds and elitist scent hounds. The next thing you know, Crushed was showing up in all sorts of dishes, sweet and savory.

We’re going big time and muscling our way into the tea and spices trade, so watch out!

Buy Crushed and try all three recipes and tell us your favorite. Better yet, experiment, find your own, and let us know about it so that we can pass it on.

Life’s toiling, the water’s boiling, drink more tea…

Spices include:  Cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, clove, nutmeg, fennel, black pepper.