Artists Using Tea... 

Boxer recently went to St. Augustine for a weekend. He enjoys whittling away his day visiting the great galleries in the area. One particular gallery had a ‘TEA’ artist’s work prominently displayed. His work was all done by varying colors of tea, made into beautiful landscapes. At the time Boxer didn't take note of the artist's name, for he has more art than walls left in his home. Doing some research on tea related artwork, he found many incredible artists. The Gang appreciates these artist’s talents and hope that you will too.

Kelly McKernan’s beautiful work is captivating. She combines photography and painting. Bleach and tea are also used at times. The work is done on tea stained watercolor paper. To see more of this artist work visit her website: Kelly McKernan

Mary Pagon is an artist that paints with a blend of tea and acrylic paint. The colors she achieves are incredible. She calls it Teadimensionalart. View additional pieces at: Mary Pagon

Brian Kesinger creates fanciful tea stained art. Love it! Check out his fine art: Brian Kesinger

Lauren Gardiner used tea-staining to complete this endearing illustration called ‘Enlightenment.’ She has great comic art and illlustrations to view at her blog: Lauren Gardiner

Dadik Isbandono uses tea, coffee, pencil and acrylic on canvas. There is such a harmonious combination of the use of materials. More of his work at: Dadik Isbandono

From The Meat Art Show, called the “Meat After Meat Joy”, which was a group exhibition in New York of contemporary artists who use meat in their work. Okay, so this doesn’t use tea, but it portrays our favorite cuppa. By Betty Hirst

If it’s out there and you’ve created or experienced it, send us pictures and information to share. All g-rated tea related art is welcome.

Life’s toiling, the water’s boiling, drink more tea.