Don't get heated! Chill out...

No one agrees on what to call this refreshing beverage, ice or iced tea? Cruncher says ice tea, and then iced when ice cubes are added, but that is no way near accurate today.

1904 – Although it was not invented at the 1904 World Fair in St. Louis (as many believe), iced tea became commercialized here. A merchant planned to give away samples of his hot tea, but no one was interested on those hot summer days until he added ice. Walla, a new American favorite!  

Tomorrow is the first day of spring, and the perfect time to break out your cold tea beverage server.  

Actually, like everything else about our favorite beverage, it’s all about personalization. Many people drink ice tea year round, where some wouldn’t think about chilling their hot cuppa for any reason.  

Conservatives never alter their black leaf ice tea ritual, where adventuresome individuals only chill a green or rooibos.

The Gang's suggestion is to take a cup of your preferred hot brew and frig it. Once chilled, try it. We are not fans of ice cubes, but perhaps you are… What do you think about your cold glass? Perhaps it’s great naked, but experiment because it may just need additional sweetener (Sugar-in-the-raw, honey, agave…) or a squeeze of lemon.   

Some ice teas that are popular include:

Southern sweet tea –Black leaf, strong, iced and sweet, using refined white sugar

Sweet tea with lemon – Usually a black leaf tea, strong, with added juice from a lemon, sweetener too

Thai tea – Strong black tea with sweetened condensed milk (half and half, evaporated or coconut), star anise, tamarind, cardamom, orange flowers, clove, cinnamon, add or delete spices to your taste. Look for a recipe to suit yourself and get hooked for life. So good!

Boba (bubble or pearl) Tea – Tapioca pearls are added to tea and flavorings, fruit and powder mixes. Fabulous treat.

Green tea with mint – Gunpowder green tea with fresh mint leaves, a Moroccan favorite in hot form, The Gang suggests you try this chilled. Substitute our Marrakesh Fresh for a ready-made version.

Tisanes such as rooibos – to taste

The Long Island Iced tea - doesn’t actually contain tea, only the flavor and color of tea, by combining a lot of different liquors. Potent potion!

The Arnold Palmer - Half iced tea and half lemonade. 

The Daly – Sweet tea, lemonade and vodka. 

There is an endless list of possibilities. As many teas as there are, you can find recipes for fixing each type. Brew your favored liquid, frig it full strength, and serve chilled. Cruncher tends to use a glass pitcher and chill overnight. Perhaps you have a special way of fixing your ice tea? Do tell!

Life's toiling, the water's boiling, drink more tea!