Queen Song is cooking with Tea.

She purchased her first ever cookbook devoted to cooking with tea. It is titled, Culinary Tea, by Cynthia Gold and Lise Stern. It is an incredible book in terms of information, recipes and pictures. She likes it so much that it sits out for guests to browse through.

As The Gang has enjoyed tea strictly through the drinking process to date, it will be fun to delve into it from a different perspective.

Culinary Tea discusses the history of cooking with tea. Queen Song didn’t know that tea leaves were initially chewed, and not made into the popular liquid we all know today.

As tea drinkers know, there are five types and as many flavors of tea as the imagination can conjure. So, it’s appropriate that to cook with tea you should know a bit about pairing. The book explains profiling well, and is easily understood, making the perfect ‘cheat sheet’ to success.

Queen Song thought she was getting all contemporary by purchasing a book to experiment with tea cooking, when in reality many other cultures have cooked dishes using tea as long ago as the twelfth century.

Now that her eyes have been opened to her shortcomings in the kitchen arena, she is looking forward to a new endeavor, cooking with my favorite beverage, as well as purchasing even more books on the subject.

This blog is in no way a paid advertisement of the aforementioned book, it’s just a quick review from a novice viewpoint. Pictured above are many other books to consider, as she is planning on buying additional books in the future.

If you've cooked with tea, and have a recipe, bring it on.

Life’s toiling, the water’s boiling, drink more tea!