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Luhse Tea


Tea's gotten a bad rap. People think it's a stodgy drink. Something needs to be done about it. We're giving tea a new face by starting The Tea Bag Prohibition. Catchphrase: Get Luhse! Dump that 'old bag’; free your tea from the mass-produced confinements of teabags. "Life's toiling, the water's boiling, drink more tea!"

We Think Long Term

Luhse Tea looks at each new product for quality and sustainability; purchasing environmentally friendly products when possible. Many of our teas are organic, biodynamic, and/or fair-trade. Our boxes are a minimum 20% recyclable and the glue is a cornstarch product, so no boat races in these guys! Supporting the domestic economy is also a big deal. Our tape is US made.  The packing peanuts are produced an hour away and are biodegradable and compostable sorghum. They can be used in your garden, breaking down in a few weeks. We work with domestic tea blenders. Crushed is produced just hours away. Our artist lives in NY. One of our web designers is located in MN. The Thermos Travel Mug is domestic too. Our totes are 100% natural cotton fiber. American Apparel t-shirts are made in the US and we print both t-shirt and totes locally. GO U.S.!

The Dames 

Mindy (Co-founder), Alias: The Utopitarian, Alter Ego: The Novelist

Grandmother's afternoon tea established an obsession. Mindy finds the best in people, is infinitely encouraging, and contagiously optimistic. Marrying a soldier meant years of international adventures. Living in Kuwait led to a chai dependency, where she developed Crushed. Mindy’s Dictionary, an ever-expanding plethora of new words, created spontaneously, provides comedic relief.


Brittney (Co-founder), Alias: The Dictator, Alter Ego: The Mixologist

Over mugs of tea this dame clips and saves more design inspiration pictures than her large, highly organized filing system can hold - hallelujah Pinterest! It's no secret, she's "The Boss". This travel addict is consumed with the growth and expansion of Luhse Tea. She enjoys developing beverage and food recipes and spews new ideas daily.


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